#12: Multimodality

Being born in the technological age, I grew up learning how much of an impact visuals had. For the holidays, the fine china and special plates were brought out; for school, the cool kids always wore what was the height of fashion, and the coolest games had the coolest... read more

#11: What I’ve Learned This Year

What I’ve learned this year is that AIDS is still a major deal. This semester, the main focus of the class was to create a class portfolio about AIDS. With the CDC centered in Atlanta, AIDS has a major part in the history of the city. My primary source talks... read more

#11 What I Learned This Semester

My primary source picture of a ‘die-in’ protesting the CDC’s handling of the AIDS crisis while police stood in front of the Centers for Disease Control, really showed me what AIDS in Atlanta really consisted of in the 1990’s. This picture... read more

#12: Multimodality

For the entire semester, I have learned about the impact a written piece can have when integrated with visual and audio components. Multimodal composition is the idea of a combination of both visual/audio information as well as linguistics in order to maximize the... read more

Conversational Literacy

Reflecting on this past semester there are a number of things which stand out from this class. Multimodality, AIDS in Atlanta, writing processes, and rhetorical analysis all played an important part in our learning especially in the digital literacy initiative Dr.... read more

Blog Post #11: What My Research Has Taught Me

My primary source, the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report from the week of June 5th, 1981 is very important to the history of AIDS because it was the first published report that established health problems due to immunosuppression within the homosexual community.... read more

#8 Credibility Substantiated

I think that any work put together by an artist or writer should be credited accordingly, only if that person puts his own word in or reveals a voice. The requirement stating that, “The U.S. Copyright Act only protects expression that is “original,” that is expression... read more

#11 What I’ve Learned

When I started conducting my research on the topic of male prostitutes in Atlanta and their association to the spreading of AIDS, I thought I knew the outcome to my research. I thought the topic was a linear relationship where the more prostitutes an area had, the... read more

#10- Terms of Service

Terms and conditions of service are a part of daily life now in the technology era, yet hardly anyone ever takes the time to read them or even think about them (I myself cannot remember reading a single one in my entire life). Most haven’t considered how these... read more

#10: Defending your Data

Every time you install some new software, every time you buy a new device, every time you download a new app, you have to agree to the creator’s Terms of Service. Most of us don’t take the time to read all the big words and legal jargon; it’s a lot... read more