Over the course of the semester, we have read a number of articles about how technology is affecting our individual and social lives. Since this class began in August, in addition to reading, thinking about, and discussing these assigned texts, you have been conducting your own independent research into the history of AIDS/HIV in Atlanta. Through your research you have developed your own areas of expertise.

This week the blog becomes an open forum in which you can publish some of the work you’ve done in your primary source analysis essays. Give us an abstract. What have you learned from your research? What has your research helped you to understand about the assigned readings? What are the questions or issues you want to make sure we consider before the semester is over?

Posting: Anyone who needs the extra credit towards the Blog Project

Commenting: Anyone who needs the extra credit towards the Blog Project.

This week, use your research as the foundation for your blog post. You can provide an abstract or brief summary of the argument you’ve constructed in your primary source analysis. Introduce and summarize a resource that you’ve found to be particularly valuable. Or you can identify the “big questions” that remain unanswered, even after months of research. As always, before you post, please carefully read and follow the guidelines and posting information for this blog.

Image Credit: “Speaker’s corner” by Ade Oshineye on Flickr.