For the entire semester, I have learned about the impact a written piece can have when integrated with visual and audio components. Multimodal composition is the idea of a combination of both visual/audio information as well as linguistics in order to maximize the intended effect. It’s one thing to write a one thousand word essay on something intended to make the reader feel sad, but it is another to incorporate certain sounds or images that help to amplify the emotional appeal. This does, of course, apply to logistical or credential appeal as well.

As our technology grows and flourishes on an  ever-popularizing internet, i believe that we will find that multimodal composition will soon be as crucial of an aspect to written pieces as basic argument structures are. For my own personal works this semester, I have made use of images and videos that both demonstrate the exact thing being described and help to exaggerate or demonstrate some idea or concept, such as a video that demonstrates just how difficult scaling the tallest North American mountain is, that would have been found to be lackluster with a purely linguistic piece.

The use of multimodal sources has greatly improved upon my ability to express certain ideas to any potential audience, as well as help capture the attention of said audience. Through each project, multimodality has helped improve or influence my work in a way that I could never have done with linguistics alone.

Except for this blog post.