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We have learned to incorporate many different modes into our composition over the course of the semester. I know that I have worked with text, images, videos, and web design layouts for my various projects as have my peers. The mode that I have worked with most is definitely the linguistic mode, as it still serves as the bedrock for all academic work, but I have also incorporated the visual mode into lots of my work, and my feelings towards incorporating other modes into my academic work has most definitely changed over the course of the semester. The first project that really got me working more with the visual mode was the timeline, as it was necessary to include images and videos to make it look and get its point across well. The effectiveness of the visual mode in that project made me start to think about ways I could include more of the visual mode in other works, and I started to notice more when blog posts included well-placed and purposeful images and tried to include them in my own posts also. I also made sure to integrate images and videos into my Omeka exhibit with the primary source analysis, both to improve the aesthetics of the exhibit and provide additional information.  I am also making sure that my portfolio, while not completely done yet, incorporates as much of the visual mode as possible and is very aesthetically appealing. I will definitely be using the visual mode a lot more in my future works thanks to what we have learned in this class.